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Retirement Planning

Long-term planning improves short-term decision making.

As a corporate executive, you spend much of your time anticipating future events in regards to the work you do for your employer. Having the ability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances and priorities is critical to your company’s success. We believe retirement planning should be viewed the same way.

You accumulate wealth as you work to prepare for retirement. Then, you enjoy the fruits of your labor by doing the things you’ve always wanted to do in retirement. The success of your retirement is dependent on the long-term planning strategies you put in place now.

Retirement planning is a two-phase process.

Preparing for Retirement

  • Determining if enough resources will exist to retire when desired
  • Exploring ways to move towards a financially sound retirement
  • Identifying appropriate savings vehicles to fund retirement
  • Determining the amount of income to defer
  • Working to manage your debt in an optimal way
  • Employing tax strategies to help improve wealth creation

Living in Retirement

  • Creating your retirement paycheck
  • Accessing your retirement accounts in a tax efficient manner
  • Striving to optimize pension plan payouts
  • Determining when and how to elect Social Security benefits
  • Planning for health insurance costs and long-term care expenses
  • Exploring ways to reduce Medicare costs

The path is not always obvious. With the proper long term perspective and willingness to alter your course as needed, we can help you achieve financial independence.


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