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Investment Management

A disciplined methodology can lead to more successful outcomes.

Whether you’re at a holiday party, the country club, or listening to the financial news network, you’ve probably heard others talking about the newest hot investment. It can be exciting and fun to engage in these conversations. However, reacting to glitzy investment chatter isn’t the best way to achieve financial independence.

We believe the greatest chance for success comes from following a disciplined approach to portfolio management. We employ academically developed and time-tested investment strategies. Our investment philosophy is driven by Modern Portfolio Theory, which lays the foundation for building a truly diversified portfolio.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Successful Investing


  • Have a scientific framework for making investment decisions
  • Have reasonable expectations for how investment markets perform
  • Sufficiently diversify


  • React to tips and speculation
  • Allow emotional biases to control decision making
  • Succumb to inertia because of difficult decisions

For illustrative purposes only.
Client experiences will vary, successful outcomes not guaranteed.
Diversification does not ensure a profit or guarantee against a loss.

We work with you to design, create and manage your investment portfolio


  • Assess your willingness to tolerate market fluctuations
  • Determine your financial capacity to meet wealth accumulation goals
  • Quantify the impact that various asset allocation strategies have on your ability to achieve financial independence


  • Analyze security types based on a specific set of criteria
  • Select cost effective, high caliber securities to populate each asset class
  • Reduce taxes by placing the more tax inefficient securities in tax sheltered accounts


  • Rebalance the portfolio as the market dictates
  • Utilize tax loss harvesting strategies to help improve the portfolio’s tax efficiency
  • Report portfolio performance on a regular basis and compare to relevant benchmarks
  • Adjust asset allocation as capital market conditions warrant

Investing without a plan is little more than speculation. Let us demonstrate the potential benefits of fully integrating the investment process into your comprehensive financial plan.


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