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Asset Protection

Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Much of the planning we do centers around creating wealth. Protecting the assets you have already accumulated is equally important. Without adequate asset protection, peace of mind can be difficult to achieve.

Life, disability, long term care, and health insurance can play an important role in protecting your assets. We review your existing policies and help ensure you have the right types and amounts of coverage. If coverage is not needed, we will tell you so. If new insurance coverage is needed, we will work with you to design and select the most appropriate and cost-effective type of coverage.

As a fee only firm, we do not earn any commissions on the sale of insurance products, nor are we incentivized in any way to work with any particular carrier. In many situations, we are able to offer you low cost insurance options through our network of carriers that provide “no-commission” policies.

Carefully consider all of life’s “what ifs.”

What if…

  • I die prematurely? Will my family have enough resources to maintain their lifestyle?
  • I become disabled and can no longer work? How will I replace my lost earnings?
  • I retire before I’m eligible for Medicare? What are my health insurance options?
  • My spouse or I need long term health care support in the future? Do we need insurance to cover these costs?

Through our modeling process, we will assess the impact these risks have on your ability to achieve financial independence. We will then explore alternatives to managing the risk and help you determine the most appropriate course of action.

  • Is the impact significant enough to warrant dedicated funding?
  • Should the risk be self-funded? Do I have sufficient resources to do so? What are the advantages and disadvantages of self-insuring?
  • Is the risk best managed by transferring it to an insurance company?

You’ve worked hard to become successful. Protecting your assets can give you peace of mind knowing that your financial situation is secure. Our job is to make sure that no matter what life throws at you, you’re prepared.


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